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Navigating the Family Office Decision

Family Office Benefits

To what degree do you value…

• Comprehensive universal reporting across your entire balance sheet?

• Alignment of family interests and wealth plans?

• Customized tax and wealth planning solutions?

Family Office Structural Considerations

• What is the desired degree of control?

• How private and confidential must it be?

• What level of expertise and staffing do you want to maintain directly?

• How much are you willing to spend?

• What supports/expertise do you want to rely upon from outside providers?

of Services

• What range of services and supports does your family require?

• How customized should the investment strategy be?

• How should future generations be educated about wealth?

• How important is philanthropy to your mission?

• How detailed and frequent must the reporting be?

• Is there a business that may be sold or transferred?

• What is the scope of the administrative functions?


Comprehensive Wealth Management

We are in the business of establishing long-standing multi-generational relationships. Our clients are our priority and by offering solutions that align with their goals and financial needs.  Serving as True Fiduciaries, committed to putting only client's best interests above all else, we are then aligned and able to fully help execute with all of their financial needs.

Life is fluid. As such, we collaborate with our clients to create a working plan, a living breathing blueprint that will allow for change and growth as they enter different seasons of their entrepreneurial lives, and ever-changing economic, market, and business cycles.


Taking the
Next Steps

Tyler Beeson and team have a long-standing history of providing high net-worth private wealth management, private banking, family office consulting, advisory services, investment management, financial planning, administrative and operational support, and guidance to wealthy families. Regardless of your goals and circumstances, we can help you navigate the various decisions related to setting up or joining a family office in partnership with us and providing you with the cutting-edge resources that best fit your needs.

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